Christopher Nguyen

Human, Mechanical Engineer, Photographer, Musician, Explorer...

Let me tell you a story;

I first fell in love with photography when I was out in Hanksville, Utah. I was out there for a robotics competition, and late one evening I was taking a stroll and I realized how beautiful the night sky was. It was the first time I had ever seen the Milky Way. I was fumbling with my camera trying to understand how to take a long exposure. Since then I had been addicted to going out on adventures and taking pictures with my friends. The next thing I knew, a few of my friends had asked me to take their graduation pictures. I was honored to take their pictures. During our photoshoots, we ended having conversations that we never had despite the 5 year college experience. Since then I have loved working with people and the connections I have made.

Now that I’ve told mine, let me help tell yours!


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Bryan Ramirez

Hi!! Nice to meet you!

I’ve always loved the idea of capturing special moments and this sparked my interest with film photography. Back in college, I spent hours in the darkroom developing film and creating black & white pictures. I think the art of creating pictures thru film is truly a special experience. Since then, I’ve been taking pictures to document my passion for adventures and travel. The next thing I knew, I got hooked into filming my travels, where I found myself enjoying the process of editing. So far, I’ve traveled to a few states and about 14 countries (3 of them are just layovers haha). I am always extra grateful for every opportunity I get to travel, where I meet some of the coolest people and explore the beauty of every culture I experience!

I started out with CnShoot Photography by helping Chris editing a wedding video and this eventually led me into officially joining him in his passion for telling beautiful stories thru photography and videography. All the projects that we’ve worked with has always been memorable and a great learning experience. Chris is sort of like my mentor (aka a bad influence haha jk) and one of the greatest friend I’ve ever have. I’d like to extend my gratitude for allowing me to join this incredible adventure aka the Cnshoot Photography.