I've got on my boots tonight.

To what of my most inspiration friends, 

Since the day I have first met you, I have found that have a fiery spirit and is relentless against adversity. You never stop to amaze me with the way to approach the world and just believing in the things you want to do. We've had some pretty fun experiences during the beginning of adventure with the Startup Weekend.  I don't want to get too mushy, but I enjoyed out late night conversations as we tried to start a business to change the world. Didn't exact pan out like we wanted to, but it doesn't we don't stop trying. I know you are gonna hate me for posting this picture, but I just thought it was a great picture of how I see you. 

A brief explanation: A constant reminder that you have to examine yourself in the morning. To have to deal with the crap and conflicts in your everyday life. A filter that makes it blurry to see your own reflection, but regardless you stay true to yourself and keep on looking forward. 


Happy Birthday Marilu.