A Unexpected Delight

Last minute, like most of my adventures,

I spend my Sunday afternoon with my good friends, Jimmy and Natalie, on a trip to Salvation Mountain. Unfortunately we had started the day off a bit late, partially do to me having a knack for sleeping in on the weekends and the change in daylight saving. Once the three of us finally met up, we decided to have a nice lunch and sit down for sum dim sum. Caught up on our recent life events and enjoyed each others company. The lunch kind of dragged out with such a long wait, by the time we started heading off for Salvation Mountain it was pretty late in the afternoon.

Finally on the road, I decided to check what time the sun sets to make sure we have enough time to see Salvation Mountain with some sunlight. Turns out with daylights saving, the sun was setting at 5pm... There wasn't enough time, but regardless we had gone too far. As Google directs us towards our destination, we noticed there was a huge sea that was right next to highway. As a last ditch effort to see the sunset, we took a detour to go explore the sea. It was remarkable, could not believe our timing and the view. The sun setting under mountain was quite a breathtaking experience. We were able to get our last shots in before the sun finally decided to say good bye. 

We were able to make it to Salvation Mountain, and were also successful in getting kicked out. The pictures were not as great as I would have expected, and getting booted wasn't so fun either. But its not an adventure until sometimes goes wrong. 

I guess the ending note is that regardless of where we want to go and the delays and unexpected situations that we are put in, there comes a moment when we need to really appreciate what is in front of us. In the end of it all, maybe the destination that we were expecting isn't necessarily the thing that is best for us. 

P.S. Part of the reason for today's adventure is that Jimmy will be leaving for San Francisco, a place that I dream of living in one day. (One of many). However as much as it is a goal for me, I may end up going down a different path and I just want to wish Jimmy the best of luck in the city.